Charcot Research Fund: extracts from the regulations

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1. The Charcot Research Fund (CRF) is an annual grant that the Fondation Charcot Stichting (FCS)  makes available to researchers (or groups of researchers) working in a Belgian institution and whose works deal with clinical or fundamental issues relating to the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The fund is awarded every year by the FCS. A jury, composed of members of the scientific committee of the FCS and members of the Belgian Research Group for Multiple Sclerosis (BSGMS), selects the applications to be funded. This yearly grant is announced in scientific and medical circles by means of a public notice published by the FCS.

2. Candidates must send 8 printed copies of their application, by 15 October, to the Chairman of the FCS, who will forward a copy of each application to the members of the Jury. The application must be written in English and should include the candidate's (or candidates') curriculum vitae and a detailed description of no more than four pages, of the research that will be carried out with the help of the fund. It must also specify the use for which the requested grant will be put and justify the amount of the subsidies requested. The fund may be used for the purchase of equipment and of laboratory reagents, and possibly for the recruitment of additional technical staff. However, secretarial costs or travel expenses may not be taken into account.  

3. The Jury responsible for awarding the funds is made up of between five to seven members. It will necessarily include the chairman of the FCS who chairs the Jury and the Chairman of the BSGMS. The other members of the Jury will be selected among the scientific committee of the FCS and the members of the BSGMS. A member of the Jury may not be a member of a team requesting a grant nor the departmental head of this team. Each year, one or two European MS experts will be invited to be part of the Jury. The laureates are selected according to the respective votes given by the Jury. The Jury is authorized to settle any unforeseen problem in the course of the meeting. Its decisions are final.

4. The beneficiaries undertake to respect the regulations governing grants awarded by the FCS, of which they will be notified upon receipt of the application. The budgetary year begins on 1 January and comes to an end on 31 December. The applicant is obliged to send to the FCS, within a month of the end of each year: (a) the documents in support giving proof of the expenses incurred during the year that has ended (original or certified true copy); (b) for incomplete programs: a preliminary report indicating the progress of the research and the part of the program still to be carried out; (c) for completed program: a final report to which copies of the corresponding publications (in the form of manuscripts, if necessary) shall be attached. Publications concerning the research carried out with the FCS aid shall mention the origin of the grants.

Fondation Charcot Stichting - July 2017

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