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Règlement Charcot Fellowship

Criteria and conditions

Profile :

• You are a medical doctor (MD) or you hold a Master in Biomedical Science. You are interested in MS research
• You plan to perform a PhD thesis in this field in Belgium
• You are younger than 30 year at the deadline of this application

Terms and conditions:

• The mandate covers 100 % of the salary of the recipient with a maximum of € 50,000 € per year
• The mandate has a duration of 4 years
• The promotor of the research program must declare her/his support for a PhD project
• The mandate is personal and cannot be interrupted. The mandate must be fully dedicated to the research work.


• Application includes following data and must be written in English (8 copies) :

- CV of the applicant with information that enable to verify whether the eligibility criteria are met (degrees, graduation, date, institution, grades)
- Description of the PhD research project (max 4 pages)
- Description of the work environment
- Motivation letter of the Applicant
- Recommendation letter and approval of the project by  the research unit’s head/promotor
- Additional comments (optional)

• Application must be sent before April 30, 2018 to:
Prof. Dr. Christian SINDIC, President
Fondation Charcot Stichting
Avenue Huart Hamoirlaan, 48 – Brussel 1030 Bruxelles

For more information:

February 2018