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In academic laboratories and research centers, budgets for research into multiple sclerosis exist but are limited. Every year, research teams look to the Belgian Charcot Foundation.
To strengthen and stimulate multiple sclerosis research in our country, the Belgian Charcot Foundation has decided to increase the total amount of subsidies to be distributed.
The Charcot Fund 2019 for basic research is thus increased to € 500,000 to be allocated to projects likely to advance the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
These subsidies are managed by universities or hospital centers according to the same rules and procedures as the subsidies allocated by the National Fund for Scientific Research.
Since its creation 30 years ago, the Charcot Fund has supported more than 200 researchers and / or research teams in 27 renowned university laboratories * in Belgium.

Laureates of the Charcot Fund


*Laboratory of Experimental Hematology – U Antwerpen, Biolmaging Laboratory – U Antwerpen, In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center – VUB, BIOMED – U Hasselt, Laboratorium voor Neuroimmunologie – KULeuven, GIGA Neurosciences – Université de Liège, Center for neurosciences – VUB, Nationaal Multiple Sclerose Centrum – Melsbroek, Departement Moleculair Biomedisch onderzoek- VIB/UGent, UZ Brussel, Groupe Belge d’Etude de la SEP, Service de Neurologie – UCL St Luc, Institute of Cellular Pathology – UCL, FASC Unit – VUB, Unité de pathogénie microbienne – UCL, Unité de médecine expérimentale – UCL, REVAL – U Hasselt, Rega Institute for Medical Research – KUL, Dienst Hematologie – U Antwerpen, Centre de Neurobiologie Cellullaire et Moléculaire – Université de Liège, Departement gezondheidszorg – provinciale Hogeschoool Limburg, Institut Christian De Duve de pathologie cellulaire – UCL, Farmaceitische Biotechnologie en Moleculaire Biologie – VUB, Center for Transgene Technology and gene therapy – KUL, Faculteit Bewegings-en Revalidatiewetenschappen – KUL, Dr Willems Instituut –  U Hasselt, Neuroanatomy Laboratory – Université de Liège