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Under the Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen

Honorary President: Princesse Elisabeth de Chimay

Board of Directors

  • President: Prof Christian SINDIC
  • Vice President: Baron Alain PHILIPPSON
  • Secretary: Mr Charles-Henri MAUS de ROLLEY
  • Managing Director: Mrs Isabelle BLOEM-GONSETTE


  • Prof Patrick CRAS, MD, University of Antwerpen
  • Prof Bernard DACHY, MD, University of Brussels
  • Prof Bénédicte DUBOIS, MD, University of Leuven
  • Prof Alain MAERTENS de NOORDHOUT, MD, University of Liège
  • Prof  Alex MICHOTTE, MD, University of Brussels
  • Baron Pierre PAULUS de CHATELET, Lawyer
  • Mrs Laurette ROUSSEAU, Notary
  • Mr Jean-Pierre VAN PRAET, Pharmacist

Management Committee

  • President: Baron Alain Philippson


  • Mrs Isabelle Bloem-Gonsette
  • Mr Charles-Henri Maus de Rolley
  • Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet 

Scientific Committee

  • President: Prof Christian SINDIC 


  • Prof. Patrick Cras, UIA
  • Prof. Benedicte Dubois, KUL
  • Prof. Daniel Guillaume, CHRF Fraiture
  • Prof. Alain Maertens de Noordhout, ULg
  • Prof. Alex Michotte, VUB
  • Dr Pierrette Seeldrayers, CHU Charleroi