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Because every day counts ...

These are not easy times, that is for sure. And more than ever before, we need your help to make concrete progress in research into multiple sclerosis possible.

Good news: For example, from a donation of 40 euros onwards, you will benefit from a 60% deduction instead of 45%. 

I finance one day of research

More than 13 000 people with MS are counting on us and on you. Let's not forget them.


Today's heroes are not only the care workers, but also the men and women in the shadows in logistics, the post office, garbage collectors, etc., not forgetting the researchers. Their mission is to find ways to solve this crisis, today but also tomorrow.

MS patients are a high-risk group and, like the rest of the population, need to follow the recommendations scrupulously and more.  

The Fondation Charcot Stichting remains available for any questions and will relay them to expert neurologists. Our fund-raising actions are continuing because tomorrow too, research will be essential to find better treatments, faster diagnosis and possible prevention.