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Why make a bequest to the Charcot Foundation

Scientific research requires significant resources and projects can take several years to complete. Thanks to bequests, the Charcot Foundation can initiate large projects. In obtaining the resources necessary to set up a major research project, a bequest can make the difference. By including the Charcot Foundation in your will, you will know that you will have an enduring influence in the future.

How to write a will:

Whether or not you have heirs, you can make a bequest or a donation to support multiple sclerosis research. Bequests are made in a will, either a valid holograph will (i.e. handwritten by you), or a notarial will (you dictate it to a notary before a witness and it is kept at the notary's office). A notarial will is the guarantee for you that your wishes will be respected.

Different types of bequests:

You can plan a particular bequest (an amount, immovable property, a percentage of your estate etc.). You can also choose to bequeath all or part of your property to the Charcot Foundation. Several types of bequests exist.

Since its creation, the Charcot Foundation has received many bequests. They have also helped increase the amount of subsidies allocated to the Charcot Fund.  Progress is considerable, new drugs are appearing and new promising avenues are opening up to researchers.
 Research needs your generosity. A bequest can make the difference. Consider it!

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Isabelle Bloem-Gonsette
Responsible for gifts and legacies

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The Charcot Fund has an annual budget earmarked for fundamental research activities capable of improving the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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