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Statement from the Belgian Charcot Foundation on the protection of privacy and personal data

We thank you for your trust and we consider it our responsibility to protect your personal data, as required by the current legislation on the protection of privacy.
Our confidentiality policy is in effect on the following websites: and By using these two websites, you are automatically giving your consent with regards to our confidentiality policy. The Belgian Charcot Foundation is not responsible for the confidentiality policies of other websites or sources used.
Why does the Belgian Charcot Foundation collect and process personal data?
According to the law, the Belgian Charcot Foundation can collect and process personal data for the following reasons only:
  • If you have given your explicit consent
  • If it is necessary to process your information in order to provide you with the service you have requested (for example: your email is needed to send you the online version of our newsletter)
  • In order to comply with the law (including accounting management, tax obligations and obligations relating to judiciary ordinances and other obligatory laws and regulations)
  • If there is a public or legitimate interest (for example: publication on our website of the researchers, teams of researchers or grant-holders who have received financial assistance).
What personal data are collected by the Belgian Charcot Foundation?
The Belgian Charcot Foundation only collects the data that you disclose (for example: when you subscribe to our online newsletter or our newsletter, register for an event we are organising, during a call for projects, etc.). Likewise, we collect the data submitted when a donation is made through your bank, via an online donation or by direct debit, in order to provide your tax certificate if necessary and to keep you informed of our actions.
How does the Belgian Charcot Foundation process the data?
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the data collected is only used in specific contexts (for example: we need your address to mail you our newsletter)
  • The personal information collected by the Belgian Charcot Foundation is never given to a third party
  • Your personal data is used if its processing is required to provide you with a requested service (for example: we need your bank account number to send you a tax certificate)
  • With the exception of legal obligations (for example, in the context of tax certificates), sensitive personal data (for example, bank account numbers) are always handled confidentially and are never given to third parties.
How does the Belgian Charcot Foundation store personal information?
All of the data collected is stored in a database belonging exclusively to the Belgian Charcot Foundation.
If it becomes necessary within the scope of our current or future services, your personal data may be shared internally. Our employees are required to respect the confidentiality of this data.
How long does the Belgian Charcot Foundation store personal data?
The Belgian Charcot Foundation does not store personal data for longer than necessary to attain the objectives for which the data was processed. In any case, the data is stored for no longer than permitted by the specific legislation in effect.
What are your rights concerning your personal data?
  • In accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, you have the right to consult, correct or remove your personal data
  • You can find the information allowing you to change or remove your personal details at the end of each email we send
  • If you receive our updates by mail and you wish to change or remove your data from our files, you can contact us at: or at + 32 (0)2 426 49 30.

Belgian Charcot Foundation
Public interest foundation - NN 468.831.484
Avenue Huart Hamoir - 1030 Brussels

If you believe your data is being handled incorrectly, you may file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

Last updated 10/04/2018.


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