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Charcot PhD Fellowship: doctoral grants

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Faithful to its mission to serve the public interest in the field of fundamental and  translational research, the Belgian Charcot Foundation has set up the Charcot Fellowship, a programme of doctoral grants for young researchers (under 30). The grant will enable them to do four years of research dedicated to MS and make advances in the fight against the disease. The goal of the grants is to strengthen the research potential of teams in Belgium interested in multiple sclerosis. By involving young researchers who want to do their doctoral thesis on multiple sclerosis, the grant is intended to have a long-term impact on research to defeat the disease.

Charcot PHD Fellowship 2016-2020:

Elien GRAJCHEN (UHasselt)

Photo: The research group: Dr. Jeroen Bogie (co-promotor), Fellow Elien Grajchen, Prof. Dr. Jerome Hendriks (promotor) - UHasselt.


Charcot PHD Fellowship 2018-2022


Photo: Marijne Vandebergh, Klara Mallants, Prof. Bénédicte Dubois, Ide Smets, Prof. An Goris, Dr. Emanuela Oldoni and in the middel Lies Van Horebeek (Laureate Charcot Fellowship 2018-2022) - © KU Leuven | Rob Stevens



Jasper VAN DEN BOS (UAntwerpen)