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Since 1987, thanks to its donors the Foundation has been able to finance a large number of fundamental research projects and important clinical research into multiple sclerosis. It aims to bring about significant improvements in existing treatments and to allow Belgian researchers to explore promising new avenues.

Join us, your presence with us is essential.

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for instance What your gift can bring

84€ * 1 day fundamental research
250€ * 1 day clinical research

* Any donation of €40 or more gives you an entitlement to a tax certificate. This will be sent to you automatically in March following the year of your donation and entitle you to a tax deduction (45% of your donation).

Send your gift to : IBAN BE43 0001 6000 1601 – BIC GEBABEBB or

make an online donation 

LEAVE a legacy

You can make a bequest to the Charcot Foundation.  Whether or not you have heirs, you can decide to make a gesture for the future in your will and to bequeath your property or part of your property to multiple sclerosis research. Even if you are no longer here, you will have an enduring influence.

Different types of bequests or donations exist. If you have any questions, we are available to respond to them personally and in complete discretion. Contact person :  Isabelle Bloem -  Responsible for gifts and legacies


Making a standing order

Send your gift to : IBAN BE43 0001 6000 1601 – BIC GEBABEBB

Why not spread out your help? Without increasing your budget, you can help us.
e.g.: € 7 per month for a year = 1 day of research

If the total for the year reaches €40 or more you will be entitled to a tax certificate and a tax deduction (45% of your donation). You can give the form to your bank or schedule the standing order, its amount and its duration yourself via your home banking system.

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At an event

If you organise a celebration or a ceremony, on the occasion of a birth, a wedding etc. you can ask your guests and your friends to show their support by making a donation to the Charcot Foundation on the account   BE43 0001 6000 1601.  The list of donors will be sent to you.

Very many donors place their trust in us and their generosity has enabled real progress in research to be made. Progress is considerable, new drugs are appearing and new promising avenues are opening up to researchers.

Join us!

Thank you for your support.

Charcot Fund grants

The Charcot Fund has an annual budget earmarked for fundamental research activities capable of improving the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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