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Dangerous Liaisons: the connection between multiple sclerosis and the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)

The EBV virus is a member of the herpes virus family (oral herpes, genital herpes, chickenpox, shingles, etc.) and is transmitted by droplets of saliva. As a rule, the infection is asymptomatic. In rare cases, the primary infection manifests as glandular fever, viral sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. People who catch glandular fever are three times more likely to develop MS later on.


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In Belgium, the Belgian Charcot Foundation is the only independent institution that exclusively supports multiple sclerosis research. On 3 February, the Charcot Foundation will announce the winners of the Charcot Fund 2022. The Charcot Fund supports innovative research projects for MS.  The quality and continuity of the research is guaranteed by a scientific jury.