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100 days MS RESEARCH!

Supporting MS research can be done in many ways, through a donation, through a monthly donation through the bank, through a bequest ... you can also organise your own actions to collect the money together with friends, family and colleagues. Who knows, your company may be able to help you with a helping hand.


Why is this research so important NOW?

If it was just a matter of finding a treatment or a vaccine to defeat multiple sclerosis, it would be so obvious. Unfortunately, MS research faces much more complex challenges. This neurodegenerative disease, which is still incurable today and often results in disability, affects more than 13,000 people in our country. They are all counting on the researchers to provide them with more effective and more tolerable treatments as soon as possible, so that they can live a life in which MS plays a less important role.


Why is your support so essential?

The research teams facing this immense task count on the Charcot Foundation and therefore on your help in developing innovative research tracks with concrete results. As with what we now know for Covid-19, it is clear that research is the only solution.

A small gesture with a lot of effect: give a standing order of 7 euros per month and guarantee one day of research (84 euros). Thanks to your generosity, you make future progress possible for thousands of patients.

Let's not forget them. 


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Tax deductibility: your donations are tax deductible from 40 €. If you have made a donation of €40 or more in 2020, a tax certificate will be sent to you before 28 February 2021.



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