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Focus on MS

This global campaign aims to inform the general public about this condition affecting more than one million patients. In Belgium it is estimated that there are more than 12,000 patients and this number is growing every year.
One of the Belgian Charcot Foundation's missions is also to inform patients and to inform neurologists and all those around the patient. Whether you are a doctor, physiotherapist or in the vicinity of a patient, do not hesitate to forward our Newsletter, our video or our posters, please contact us.

In research the mission of the Charcot Foundation is realized in 3 ways:

  •     The "Charcot Fund" (call for an annual project, a budget of € 300,000) provides the means for innovative fundamental research. The complete deciphering of the mechanisms of the disease is essential to be able to develop treatments. The Charcot Fund often has a leverage effect, it is the first step in the long road of research into better tolerated and better adapted treatments for each patient.
  •     The "Charcot Fellowship" (biennial, doctoral scholarship of 4 years, budget € 200,000) is a doctoral scholarship program focused on multiple sclerosis. This support strengthens and guarantees research potential for the future.
  •     The Belgian Charcot Foundation finances the BELTRIMS study, initiated and carried out by the Belgian Study Group for MS. This register is intended to objectively monitor the effects of new treatments in real life and in the long term.