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Charcot Fund 2019: Again a step forward in MS Research

The life of a MS patient is a daily challenge to deal with the loss of “ability". MS Research is the only way to change this perspective. Perspective means two research tracks:
The first is that of Biomarkers that aim to personalize treatments and thus increase efficiency and limit side effects. This track opens the door to prevention, a significantly faster diagnosis or an indication of change towards a more suitable treatment.
The second is that of immunotherapy and the goal of extracting the body's own cells from the patient, transforming them and activating them in the treatment itself. This track not only opens the way to a complete blocking or even a deactivation of multiple sclerosis, but also offers the possibility to reconstruct the myelin that has been destroyed during attacks of the disease.
    '11 research teams from various universities across Belgium together receive more than € 500,000 from the Fondation Charcot Stichting to carry out these innovative studies this year. Never before the Foundation had this large amount to attribute. Thanks to the generosity of donors, this attribution will mean an enormous boost in the fight against MS and the road towards better MS treatments in the next five years. ' Prof C. Sindic - chairman of the Fondation Charcot Stiching.