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Three weapons against MS

We cannot fight multiple sclerosis without the help of those who suffer from it. It is therefore very important that the patients who suffer from this condition be well informed and surrounded by the right persons.

One of the main goals of the bi-annual Charcot Foundation Newsletter is to provide clear, balanced and rational information about the disease, fundamental and clinical research and the different treatments currently available. The neurologist’s role in this respect is vital. Neurologists must obtain and maintain competency in a moving field, make a diagnosis, sort through a large number of symptoms, determine a prognosis, set up a treatment, modify it if necessary, be attentive to the hidden and least apparent symptoms of the disease and be an educator by keeping the patient well informed. Psychological support and consistent availability are essential elements of the patient-doctor relationship.

It is also important that young neurologists be trained in research during their fellowship, either in fundamental lab research or in clinical research on particular symptoms or the effectiveness of different treatments. Establishing registers to follow the evolution of patients’ treatments is an integral part of any clinical research and must be encouraged.

People suffering from the disease can contribute to research by participating in clinical trials, allowing blood samples to be taken, trying new brain scanning techniques and sharing their observations regarding the side effects or unusual symptoms of medications.

It is together with patients, doctors, paramedical staff and researchers that we will be able to defeat this disease, first by putting it into remission, then by stopping it completely and, lastly, by repairing the lesions that have already occurred. We cannot forget the role of donators: they are essential to the progress of research.

Professor Christian Sindic, Chairman

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