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Dr. Bieke Broux and Prof. Dr. Nathalie Cools

Research on the underlying migration mechanisms of dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in multiple sclerosis: investigation of the dynamics of gene expression profiles using RNA sequencing


€ 30,000 and € 30,000
Laboratorium voor Experimentele Hematologie – Universiteit Antwerpen et Biomedical Research Institute - Universiteit Hasselt

the project

Controlling the migration and penetration of white blood cells into the brain is essential to its protection against pathogenic organisms and to the prevention of inflammatory reactions. But what actually does cause white blood cells to penetrate the brain? In this project, researchers from Antwerp University and Hasselt University have joined forces to further investigate the underlying mechanisms that lead to the migration of two specialised white blood cell types, i.e. dendritic cells and regulatory T cells. With the financial support of the Charcot Research Fund, they will be researching the differences in the gene expression of migratory and non-migratory cells, which will be separated from each other by a blood-brain barrier model they have developed using RNA sequencing, a powerful new technology. Ultimately, their aim is to identify interesting targets for development into new, improved treatments for MS.