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Prof. Anne des Rieux

Remyelination stimulation by activin A delivery via MSC-derived extracellular vesicles.


€ 40,000 € / 2 years

Our objective is to repair neurological damages resulting from multiple sclerosis (MS). One of the main limitations when developing therapies for diseases like MS is the low amount of drug that reaches the brain and spinal cord. Our solution is to encapsulate the drug in small particles and to deliver them by a non-invasive route. For this project, we selected particles produced by adult stem cells in which we incorporate a therapeutic molecule and that will be administrated by the nose. This allows a direct access to the brain, a better accumulation in the central nervous system and thus a better efficacy.

Our objective is to develop a treatment to repair the neurological damages of multiple sclerosis based on the non-invasive delivery of a therapeutic molecule protected by nanoparticles.