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Prof. Jerome Hendriks, Prof. Johan Swinnen and Dr. Jeroen Bogie

Boosting lesion repair in multiple sclerosis by preventing lipid overload in phagocytes


€ 53,000 / 2 years
BIOMED- UHasselt

Multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions are characterized by excessive infiltration of immune cells, such as macrophages. To date, it remains unclear how these cells impact the initiation and progression of MS lesions. While some studies indicate that they are merely detrimental, other studies defined protective features of macrophages. Our recent findings indicate that lipids are key in driving the functional properties of macrophages in MS lesions. In this study, we unravel whether targeting key enzymes involved in lipid metabolism promotes the beneficial features of macrophages in MS. Our findings will increase our understanding of MS pathology and identify new targets of therapeutic intervention in MS.

Lipid metabolism is key in driving the function of immune cells in multiple sclerosis lesions.