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Prof. Veerle Somers and Dr. Judith Fraussen

Validation of age-associated B cells as therapeutic targets in MS


€45,000/ 2 years
UHasselt, Biomedical Research Institute

We aim to find targets specific for pro-inflammatory age-associated B cells could lead to a more specific and efficient new therapy for MS.

Aging of the immune system occurs during normal aging but also in a proportion of individuals with MS, and is characterized by elevated frequencies of age-associated B cells in the blood. Our previous research indicated that these age-associated B cells were also present in the cerebrospinal fluid and showed pro-inflammatory functions that could contribute to the disease. Therefore, removing or blocking of these age-associated B cells could be useful in MS therapy. We are currently identifying targets for therapy that are specifically expressed in these age-associated B cells. In this project, we aim to validate the effectiveness of blocking these targets as a therapy for MS. This could eventually lead to a more specific and personalized treatment for MS.