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Prof. Peter Feys

Implicit and explicit learning strategies for improving mobility-related cognitive motor dual task performance in Multiple Sclerosis


€62,013/ 2 years

This research project, investigating the best instruction- and feedback methods to learn new movement tasks, aims ultimately to optimize the rehabilitation programs for persons with cognitive limitations due to MS.

This project investigates how complex stepping movements can be learned by persons with cognitive and motor limitations due to MS. Persons will perform stepping movements in a particular sequence, and receive different kinds of instructions and feedback (for example sound or music). Afterwards,  the level of automatization will be measured during so-called dual tasks during which persons have to walk and do cognitive exercises. While moving, with or without dual tasks, we will measure brain activity in those areas responsible for the planning of movements, by means of electrodes placed on the skull. The insights of this research will lead to better rehabilitation programs for persons with limitations in cognitive function.