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Prof. Tom vanden Berghe

Therapeutic exploration of lead ferroptosis inhibitors in MS



Anti-rust therapeutics improve the clinical picture in experimental relapsing-remitting MS.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is driven by an auto-amplifying mechanism of inflammation and cell death. Cell death occurs mainly in oligodendrocytes and neurons. Demyelinating regions in brain of MS patients show iron depositions and oxidized phospholipids, which are key features of ferroptotic cell death. To mimic the disease progression in patients, we set up an experimental relapsing-remitting model (RRMS). We observed a significant improvement of the disease progression upon treatment with Fer-3203, our newly developed and patented ferroptosis inhibitor. Combinational treatment along existing autoimmune-suppressing therapies are currently ongoing in an attempt to further improve the progressive disease severity in RRMS.