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Prof. Jeroen Van Schependom

Application of transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation to enhance remyelination


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

We will investigate the possibility of transcranial electrical stimulation as alternative therapy for slowing down demyelination in multiple sclerosis patients.

An important component in the physiology of multiple sclerosis is the fact that the immune system erroneously incites inflammatory reactions that damage the protective layer around the nerve fibers between neurons.Although the human brain is capable repairing this protective layer, this is not sufficient in MS patients. We do know, however, that brain activity affects the formation of this protective layer and that is what we want to test experimentally. First, we will elicit damage to these nerve fibers in mice, next we will compare mice that were treated using transcranial alternating current stimulation, and those who were not treated.Our hypothesis is that by the application of electrical stimulation will protect against MS. 

Co-invetigators: Prof Guy Nagels, Prof Dimitri De Bundel and Prof Johan Stiens.