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Dr. Bieke Broux

Inflammasome activation in T lymphocytes: a new player in the complex immune response in multiple sclerosis patients


€47,000/ 2 years

We aim to identify a novel cellular mechanism that contributes to brain damage in multiple sclerosis, which in turn might lead to new therapeutic targets.

In multiple sclerosis (MS), there is an inappropriate immune response against brain cells, leading to irreversible damage. This causes the variety of symptoms related to MS, from visual problems to paralysis. We recently identified a novel factor which contributes to this immune response, which is called “inflammasome activation in T cells” (IAT). In this project, we investigate whether IAT is increased in MS patients and what its causes and consequences are. We further identify whether IAT occurs inside the brain of MS patients, and whether this contributes to brain damage. Results obtained from this study will lead to better knowledge of the disease, and might lead identification of novel therapeutic targets.